How can I file a claim for faulty goods?

In the event of failure of goods purchased from our company, please contact our sales man. They will send you theProduction Return Evaluation Form (PRE).

It usually takes about 10 working days to process the PRE. In most cases we try to finish the PRE within 30 days. However especially with batteries complaints, we may need some more days to perform the charge discharge tests. In such cases the PRE may take several more weeks. Anyway we keep you informed about the progress of the PRE.

What is the warranty for the goods?

We provide a guarantee for a manufacturing fault of 36 months for most goods from the date of delivery. If you want extend this warranty period, use this form, please contact our sales men for consultant.

Your pricelist is in USD. I need prices in EUR

Yes, you can. We accepted USD/EUR/GBP/AUD.

I need special pricing for a large project.

We will be glad to support your projects. Please contact us with the proposal of the co-operation. We will be glad to offer you special business terms.

Please note that we are not able to provide special pricing for every small project. Your project should be priced above USD5000 to be able to discuss special terms to support your project.

Can I get a (dealer) discount from the web shop pr

The discount is based on the total of each order. If you make several small orders you will pay more than for the same items in one big order. It is better to make big orders.

We honor every co-operation with our customers. As always every co-operation starts from the first order of the first piece. Go ahead and place your order to open the co-operation. Generally stated, we offer special terms to customers with regular monthly order volume of at least USD5000.

We support our partners. Our partners’ profit is not based only on reselling the products. It is based on the added value they provide to local customers: sales services in local language, battery pack assemblies and installations, technical expertise, support of the customers and many more areas.

How do I get your pricing?

You can submit your request of production to us, then our sales men will contact you actively. And if you want  We will send you the price and shipping cost by email.

Do I have to pay tax on my order?

That depends on which area of the world you are located in.

You will probably have to pay some import tax or customs duties to the government in your country. Please get information about your legal import procedures in your country prior making the order. If you need to process the export documents, please contact us for further help.

Why do you need my telephone number?

The shipping agent (TNT/UPS/DHL...) needs your contact phone number to arrange for the delivery of your order. Please provide the phone number when submitting your order request. Thank you!


I did not get the cargo as I ordered.

If you did not receive some part of the shipment or the shipment was damaged, please contact the shipping agent to place a complaint.

If you need any other help, please contact our logistic director Mr Jason ( ).

Do you ship the goods directly, to which countries

For large amount of production, eco power will ship them by sea freight, and eco power can shipped the production by air or by express (DHL/Fedex/TNT) according to your requrest. The shipping cost will be based on the weight of the order.


If your order include hazardous goods (typicaly battery) we also have a solution for shipping batteries across EU and U.S.If you wish to use your own shipping agent (UPS, DHL, Fedex, ....) or cargo company, it is possible as well. You can enter the details about your shipping agent into the additional notes for your order