Eco Power Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier to provide LFP/NCM chemistry prismatic batteries, stationary/mobility energy storage system and relevant components. We deliver basic primary battery (individual cell), battery module, battery pack with BMS and control units. Our production application including but not limit to (electric Vehicles-Bus, passenger vehicle, forklift, material handling equipment, telecom back-up power, solar energy storage system, marine battery, etc.). For value added production, we can provide both standard battery pack/system & customized battery pack/system. Our vision is to offer our customer ideal power solution with ecological and economical characteristics. Most of our patents, battery design and power integrations are based on our mature technology and wide application experience. The features of our product are high energy density, dependable cycle-life, wide operating temperature range and stable electrochemistry performance. The listed batteries here have already been through multiple independent safety test required by FEMA and mass produced based on APQA, DVPV and PPAP process.

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Our international office is in Nanjing City & our battery produce factory is in Hefei City. Factory's current cell production capacity is 3.5GWh/Year which matched with 50 electric bus system production capability per day. Employees in production segment is over 1700, with extra 300 engineers in cell, module & pack R&D department. Factory & production line has been certified with ISO9001,14001,18001&IATF16949. All of our products from cell level all the way to pack level have been through multiple realistic & simulation test including thermal, vibration, impact, penetration, abuse use, safety, etc. Customers from more than 30 countries include Swiss, Germany, U.S.A, Australia, etc. have used our product and feedback with enormously positive comments.
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Our Commercial Center is located in Nanjing City, and the production facility is located in Hefei City which was established by Sep. 2014.

We produce large format lithium ion battery system for electronic vehicle, Telecom UPS and Household energy storage application.

Our independent developed LFP&NCM lithium ion battery and HESS has already passed certification for many countries.



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